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I write a lot of songs... I'm in the process of sharing my 35 plus years of songs... more than 500 of them to date, in a way that preserves them and gets them out directly to people who might appreciate them. By joining the VIP membership program you get everything I've got as I record it. EVERYTHING. Want to watch me while I'm in the process of writing a new song? Want to hear what I just recorded in the studio today? First? Before anyone else, (even my family has to join this if they want to hear the new stuff LOL)...

The bottom line is that no one else is going to value and support this music except you.

Music is a weird art form in some ways because it is a performed art. There needs to be someone who listens to it. Sings along with it. Shares it with their friends. Gets it stuck in their head in a good and wonderfully transformational way.

So I can write all the songs in the world but if no one ever hears them, do they even exist? They've already helped me. Writing songs has often helped me through some tough times. Now maybe they can help you.

So if you like my music and it means something to you, I'd be deeply appreciative if you'd support it. Then I can do more of it. Record more. Write more. Perform more. For YOU.

- Mark Shepard

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Mark Shepard
Albany, New York
Welcome to my “Life In Song” project.

Since 1976, I’ve been obsessively and compulsively writing songs. Some of them are inspired by my own life, my attempts to understand love, life, spirituality, peace and justice.

While I recently have started to get a little recognition, you’ve probably never heard my songs ANYWHERE.

But now you can hear them... here... Download. Share. Thanks!

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