518 Rain

by Mark Shepard

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This song was originally started when my girlfriend and I went away fro the weekend to a beautiful lake in the Adirondack mountains. It rained pretty much every minute of the entire weekend...

And then I got really inspired by some amazing online courses I've been taking with Men's Coach and Thought Leader Jason Capital...

Especially a part where he commented that when it's raining he takes it as "Proof" that really good things are about to happen. (of course if it's sunny he chooses the same response).

That philosophical outlook has really helped me in my own life to turn what ever happens into something I can USE.

I also have a quote from Jason Capital on my refrigerator:
"The World will accept whatever your self judgment is..."
Which I converted lyrically into "The world believes what you believe about yourself... so expand your range!"

This song (like a lot of my tunes) is linguistically and hypnotically designed to get stuck in your head in a good way and replace your negative self talk.

Play it over and over and notice how your day improves.

And finally I have to acknowledge the deep gratitude I have to my amazing collaborator, arranger, and recording engineer, Joe Mennonna. The guy is an absolute genius. Those horns? They are REAL. Not midi. I'm just singing and playing acoustic guitar. EVERYTHING else is Joe Mennonna.

It's the Law of Environmental Exposure at work!

- Mark


Song #518 | 7/15/16

Rain, rain, rain…

Find your edges
and lean in to them
Even if you fall down
Seek your ledges
and climb up to them
Start right now

Rain, rain, rain…

We make up stories
And then live them out…
As if they are true…
Every “dead end” is a new way out
Dare to break through

Rain, rain, rain…


Let go of what
You can not control…
Even if it feels strange
The world believes
What you believe about 
your self… So,
Expand your range!

Rain, rain, rain…


Brush your self off
And get up again
You have work to do
Love yourself
Until your love is true
Until it’s true for you

Rain, rain, rain…

Lean in to the rain…
Lean in to the rain…
Lean in to the rain…
Lean in to the rain…

Copyright 2016 by Mark Shepard


released September 13, 2016
Mark Shepard: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Joe Mennonna: Horns, Bass, Rhythm Track, Electric Piano, Engineering



all rights reserved


Mark Shepard Albany, New York

Welcome to my “Life In Song” project.

Since 1976, I’ve been obsessively and compulsively writing songs. Some of them are inspired by my own life, my attempts to understand love, life, spirituality, peace and justice.

While I recently have started to get a little recognition, you’ve probably never heard my songs ANYWHERE.

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