319 Victory Song

by Mark Shepard

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This is a song written specifically with hypnotic language patterns in it PRESUPPOSING victory in all things. The "Why" questions trigger your Unconscious Mind to accept the presuppositions int he questions and begin to build "evidence procedures" to make the questions TRUE.
In other words, listen to this song all day at low volume and pay attention to how things shift in your life.


Victory Song
Song #319 | 5/23-25/02 |

Why does it all now come together?
Why do you see it all as one?
Why do you feel light as a feather
Now that your true work has begun?
Why is your body full of wisdom?
Why can you access all you know?
Now take whatever may be too dim
Simply ignite it so it glows!

Turn up the volume of the choir!
Paint all your colors that much brighter
Fill your spirit full of fire
Taste the sweetness...
Taste the sweetness... of victory

Why do we heal ourselves with laughter?
Why do we heal ourselves with love?
Why do we focus on what matters
As the baseball rockets to the glove
Now, can you feel the pulse of music?
Like healthy sweat upon your skin
Why do you know that you can do it?
Coming from behind to take the win!


Why do you take decisive action?
Why do you aim for your best shot?
Why do you tap into your passion
When you give it everything you’ve got?
Why do you give yourself permission
To be abundant and at ease?
Now take the time to turn and listen
To the thunder of applause upon the breeze!

© 2001-2011 by Mark Shepard. All Rights Reserved. ASCAP


released March 11, 2016


all rights reserved



Mark Shepard Albany, New York

Welcome to my “Life In Song” project.

Since 1976, I’ve been obsessively and compulsively writing songs. Some of them are inspired by my own life, my attempts to understand love, life, spirituality, peace and justice.

While I recently have started to get a little recognition, you’ve probably never heard my songs ANYWHERE.

But now you can hear them... here... Download. Share. Thanks!
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